Pass Plus

Pass plus is an optional course introduced by DSA and is considered the best way to give additional driving experience to a qualified learner by an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) that has been Pass Plus registered.


The main aim of this course is to impart valuable knowledge to drivers who have recently passed the practical driving test, and who want to learn new skills and techniques, improve their anticipation and alertness and learn how to reduce accidents.


A number of insurance companies offer cheaper car insurance to drivers who have completed the Pass Plus scheme.



Intensive Course

For people who feel they want to get to test standard quicker. Comprises of 30 X 1 hour lessons that can be fitted into a one or two week period, Monday to Friday. Pupils will need to have passed their theory test and have a practical test date booked before commencement of the intensive so it can be scheduled.

Refresher Course

For people who have not driven for a while for whatever reason, who feel they need some help on certain aspects of their driving.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available.

Lessons in Italian

As well as English I also speak fluent Italian, so we can do driving lessons in either of the two languages.

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